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Shropshire’s Superfast Broadband – Ideal for VoIP

Shropshire is finally catching up with the rest of the country in terms of broadband speed. The website Connecting Shropshire is an excellent place to check for updates on when you will get ‘Super fast’ Broadband.

Fibre Broadband is in Shropshire

Fibre Broadband is in Shropshire

Super fast broadband (Fibre Broadband) is perfect for our VoIP systems with download speeds of up to 80Mb and upload speeds up to 20Mb, a dedicated broadband line can in theory handle around 50 simultaneous calls all over one phone line!

If your business is in a Fibre broadband area and you have multiple ISDN or PSTN lines you could make huge savings by switching to VoIP over Fibre.

A typical 8 line ISDN phones system will cost around £160+VAT a month in line rental. Replace those ISDN lines with Fibre broadband and your equivalent bill drops to around £50+VAT a month.

Its not just the cost savings of VoIP that make it so appealing to businesses. video calling, hot desking, mobile apps, extensive call logging, digital receptionists, voicemail to email, call recording, home working, rapid deployment and much more.

If you are unsure of what phones lines you currently have or you need help with Fibre broadband give us a call.


Further expansion…

Chris WalkerWe are pleased to have taken on a new member of staff in Chris Walker. We convinced Chris to leave his job at Shropshire Council, where he worked for 12 years in transport and education departments.

Chris will be joining working from our Shrewsbury office as a first line support engineer working for Loud Mouth Phones and Start Technology.

We are expanding

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Shrewsbury. This new base will be headed up by Director Ian Groves. The offices are located in The Rural Enterprise Centre, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 3FE. Please email Ian for further details – ian@loudmouthphones.co.uk

Ian will be operating from both the Shrewsbury and Bridgnorth offices and is contactable in the usual manner.

Exciting new partnership with the UK’s leading Asbestos Management Consultants

Loud Mouth Phones are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Lucion Environmental the UK’s leading Asbestos Management Consultants.

Shropshire based VoIP specialists Loud Mouth Phones were one of several companies to tender for the Lucion Environmental communications platform, but it was the expert advice and recommendations allied to the first class technical support that led to Lucion to selecting Loud Mouth Phones to supply of over 50 handsets over 6 different sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

We will keep you updated as the install progresses.

Another Trixbox migration completed

We successfully moved a client from Trixbox to 3CX this week. They were having ongoing call quality and support issues with their system.

Being a very straightforward and small setup we moved them to 3CX during the middle of a working day with virtually no down time on their phones.

We never really promoted the added features of 3CX over Trixbox to the client before installing it, they were just happy to have a phone system that worked and one where their clients could hear them clearly.

One of the added bonuses of 3CX which they really like was the 3CX MyPhone which they have setup on all of their PC’s allowing them to easily see who is on the phone and allows them to setup conference calls (something they do a lot of) very easily. They also use the 3CX Outlook plugins to allow them to make calls with a single click from within Outlook.

New Order

We have just secured an order to replace another Trixbox which was not living up to expectations.

More Personal Certifications!

We are pleased to that James Guestford and Adam Wright have now gained their 3CX Phone System Certification! James Cox is due to take his next week.


Company Certification





Loud Mouth phones is now a certified 3CX partner!

Personal Certification

We are pleased to announce that Ian Groves gained his 3CX Phone System Certification today! Well done Ian!