Three Key Reasons to use a Soft Phone

Perhaps you’ve heard the term soft phone but aren’t quite sure what it means. Maybe you know what a soft phone is but don’t know how it could benefit your business. Fortunately, in either case we have you covered.

Put simply, a soft phone acts as a phone interface and allows you to place and receive VoIP calls directly from your PCA VoIP service provider  handles the actual VoIP phone service and calls to and from the softphone are routed over the service provider’s network. Using a softphone offers organizations several substantial benefits over old style PBX, including:

  1. Reduced telecom costs: Making VoIP calls with a softphone significantly reduces the cost of making long distance and international calls. Because the technology allows businesses to bypass traditional phone companies, those organizations are no longer forced to pay exorbitant rates for those long range communications.
  2. Easy use and management: With a softphone you simply use the keypad on your screen and punch in the phone number with a few mouse clicks. When you receive an incoming call, the phone interface comes to the front of the screen and displays the incoming call on the screen of the phone. So if you use a softphone in combination with a headset, you never have to divert your attention from your screen by picking up a receiver. Furthermore, managing a softphone is incredibly simple, as it can be done through a single configuration interface.
  3. Robust feature set: Best-in-class soft phones offer all the phone features a business could need. This feature set includes but is not limited to:
  • Web conferencing
  • Extension portability/one number capability
  • Chat
  • Unified messaging

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