Customer Service Quality: The Benefits of Call Recording

Today, the quality of contact centre services is at the crux of customer satisfaction. As such, it is of the utmost importance for this industry to leverage the revolutionary communications tools being launched by telecommunications providers. Even if your phone system includes a robust set of unified communications features, it’s important to also integrate customer service features —such as call recording—to better help supervisors efficiently audit and manage the quality of customer service.

Here are three ways that call recording will benefit customer service operations:

Contact centre agents don’t become skilled and solution-oriented overnight. It takes learning from mistakes and by example to become a consummate customer service professional. Call recording allows managers to pinpoint the mistakes of new agents as well as replay examples of successful interactions for training purposes.

Assessing call quality
A consistent level of quality is paramount in the success of contact centre services. Agents should be able to handle customer inquiries with a uniform consistency. That is, your customer service is only as strong as its weakest link. Call recording paired with other CRM features, such as call reporting, can help supervisors analyse a team’s level of consistency by highlighting struggling agents.

Protecting agents
Call recording is wise for any business, not just the contact centre, as verbal agreements can be tricky to recall. Protect your business transactions by using call recording to save pertinent information, such as verbal agreements made over the phone. This way, if there are future questions regarding the transaction, the conversation can simply be replayed.

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