Boost Your Quality of Customer Service with an IP-PBX

A company’s quality of customer service starts from within—that is, the best practices put forth by management and employees. As such, it’s crucial for businesses to communicate with ease and efficiency as any hint of employee frustration can directly correlate to the quality of service presented to customers. To that end, seamless customer service interactions can be compromised if your company’s phone system doesn’t support your business needs.

By upgrading your legacy phone system to an IP-PBX, you can sidestep customer service obstacles such as lengthy hold times or frustrated agents. Here are three functions businesses can integrate into an IP-PBX phone system in order to improve their customer service measures from within:

Call reporting

IP-PBX phone systems are managed from a computer-based interface. As such, features such as call-reporting—that are easily accessible from a drop down menu option—provide businesses with ease-of-use. Supervisors can leverage call reporting technology to manage customer service consistency by examining call queue statistics and specific extension statistics. In so doing, managers can pinpoint the representatives who need further training, as well as a call cost report for managing finances.

Customizable IVR

A poorly designed IVR system can frustrate customers considerably. But with an Internet-based telephone system, adjusting your company’s menu option to better serve your consumers is a straightforward task. Simply, select the IVR option from a drop down menu and manage the IVR from your computer screen. For instance, if customers complain about a lack of pertinent or misguiding menu options, IT managers can readjust the settings quickly and efficiently.

Additional phone lines

Handling a jam-packed call queue is stressful for employees, especially when customers are forced to remain on hold due to a lack of transfer options. These long wait times aren’t the fault of your employees, rather, the fault of your legacy phone system. With an IP-PBX system, companies can leverage Internet-based phone lines, which make communication scalability simple. Avoid putting customers on hold by adding phone lines. This will ease your employees stress and improve your inbound callers’ satisfaction.

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