Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP?
VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in other words a phone service over that uses the Internet.
If you have a reasonable quality Internet connection you can get your phone service delivered via an Internet connection instead of from your local phone company.

Do I have to change my land line provider?
No. However, if you have multiple lines, you will no longer need them all. You will only need 1 line.

How many phones can I have at once?
As many as you like. However depending on your business, you will have different options. Call us for some free advice and to talk thorough your business’s needs.

Can I use my existing phones or do I need to get new ones?   
You will need to purchase new handsets. However we do offer a lease service is this preferable.

Can I keep my existing telephone numbers?
You can keep all existing telephone numbers

Can I have new telephone numbers?
Yes. For a small charge was can register new numbers for you.

Do the people I call need to have a VoIP phone?

Will people be able to tell if I have a VoIP phone?
Only if you tell them! And we are quite sure you will want to tell them when you see how much money you are saving!

What happens if my broadband connection goes down?
You can protect your business against this eventuality by purchasing an additional piece of hardware, by having a second broadband line, or by porting your calls to a mobile phone / another number for a period of time. We will configure a ‘fail over’ number. When the VoIP service detects that you have lost connection, it will automatically route your calls to another number (it could be a mobile number or any other number you define). Once the connection has been restored, the calls will then automatically switch back to your office. There are various options that we can discuss with you depending on your needs and your budget.

What happens if I have a power cut?
If you have UPS, the phones will continue to work. However if you don’t, your phones could stop working in the same way they would if you lost your Broadband connection (see above)

Will I still get an itemised bill?
Yes. Both the hosted and local installation can itemise your internal and external calls.

Can I use VoIP at home?
You can simply take your office VoIP phone home and plug it in to your router and you will be able to work from home as if you were in the office! No one will be able to tell the difference (except for you!)

Can I get VoIP to work on my mobile phone too?
Yes. Most smart phones (Android and iPhones) have applications that we can link to your home or office VoIP system.

How much will this service cost me per month?
From £4 per month, per phone

How do I save money using VoIP?
You will no longer have the need for multiple lines and numbers from your current landline service provider. You will simply keep one line and pay your usual line rental. However your calls will be made using broadband (data) and you will be able to save money on the cost of the calls too! We will carry out an IT survey to check your broadband speed and IT set up to make sure this will work for you.

What if I want to add another phone?
That’s fine – just give us a call and we can get one sent out to you asap. Just plug it in and it will work straight away!

What if I buy a VoIP handset from another provider?
You can do this, but it won’t work until we have configured it for you.

I have at least 2 different offices in different locations, can I still use VoIP?

What about 999 calls?
You can still make these calls as usual

Do I get voicemail and caller ID?

What is the call quality like?

Can I try it for a limited time before I commit?
Yes, just call us to arrange your free trial!

Do the people I need to call have to have broadband?

Can I still call mobiles?

What about calls to premium numbers, 0845 and 0870 etc?
Yes. You can still call them – see our call rates page here.

What if I want to cancel?
That’s fine, just give us a call and talk it through with us. If you are leasing the phones, there will be a minimum term and a possible cancellation fee. However if you have brought the phones outright, you can just stop using them at any time. If you are having difficulty with your phones and you need some support, just give us all call.

What support do you offer?
We can offer various packages to suit you and your business starting from £4 per handset per month

How easy is it to use?
Very easy indeed. You already know how to use a phone, so you can already use a VoIP phone! The phones will be shipped to you pre-configured and will come with an easy to use manual. We are also available to support you with any questions or problems

Do I need to leave my PC on all the time?
No. If you opt for a hosted solution, you will not need to leave any machine turned on at all. However if you opt for a local installation, the PC or server that has the software on will need to be kept on. We can talk this through with you in detail depending on your individual business’s needs.

Can you still use hunt groups with VoIP?

Can you ‘call pickup’ with VoIP?

I have a very low bandwidth with my broadband provider. Will VoIP still work for me?
We would need to survey your current setup to give you an absolute yes or no. Call us today to arrange this no obligation survey.

What type of cabling do VoIP phones require?
CAT5. Most offices already use this type of cabling for their computer network so adding VoIP phones is very easy.