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3CXPhone Expanded Presence – How to Use and Customise it

The 3CXPhone Expanded Presence screen provides you with extended information on the presence and status of your colleagues.  Know if a colleague is available to talk, or away from their desk. You can also view and manage active calls, and monitor call queues. This feature is only available for 3CXPhone for Windows.

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3CX Phone Presence

3CX Phone Presence

Yealink T46G Information video

This could be the most boring video you ever see! However we have received several calls from people enquiring about the new range of colour Yealink phones and this explains some of the basic setup and features of the T46G.

3CX MyPhone Training video part 2

Welcome to part two of Using 3CX MyPhone. Click here for Using 3CX MyPhone Part One. In this video, we will build on what you have seen in part one and look at more of the available features such as the Listen, Listen and Whisper and Barge in options included in the 3CX Call Center Module. We’ll also show you the Parking feature and how to Transfer your calls.

Skills Covered by this Module

  • More Basic 3CX MyPhone Features
  • Configuration Settings in 3CX MyPhone
  • Call Control Features (Listen, Listen and Whisper, Barge In, Parking and Transferring Calls)

Set Up Speed Dials using 3CX Outbound Rules

This step by step guide describes how to set up a speed dial, system based, using the “Outbound Rules” of 3CX Phone System.

Take a look at the latest 3CX MyPhone training video!

In Part One of the Using 3CX MyPhone video, you will see a general overview on how to use 3CX MyPhone. We’ll also take a closer look at some of the features it provides and how you can make the best use of them, such as how to handle queue calls, your voice mails, the Call History report and your Phonebook.

Skills Covered by this Module

  • Basic 3CX MyPhone Features
  • Understanding the Display
  • Call Control Features (Handling Queue Calls, Voice Mail, Call History and the Phonebook)