Case Study – Lucion Environmental

Lucion Environmental

Lucion Environmental is an independent asbestos consultancy delivering trusted hazard management. They have 7 offices around the UK and deliver impartial trusted advice and professional services to their clients.
Lucion were looking for a reliable cost-effective system that could be centrally managed and would save them money. Having always been at the forefront of IT, Lucion were seeking the very best, which is why our VoIP system was ideal for them.

One of the problems that Lucion was facing was a lack of consistency. With a different type of phone system in each of their 7 offices, it was difficult for Lucion to keep track of multiple bills and contracts all ending at different times. Not only that, but Lucion also found it difficult to know who to contact when there was a problem with any of their phone systems as there was no central point of contact to cover all of these.
Lucion’s existing phone systems were also costing them excess money. Calls between the 7 offices were charged at the normal rate which quickly added up with the company being nationwide. The costs of running the systems were high with multiple line rentals to pay for.

  • Global consistency – Lucion now use the same type of phone system across all 7 offices, meaning just one bill, one contract and one easy point of contact in the event of a problem.
  • Cost savings – Lucion now benefit from free internal calls across all of their 7 offices nationwide, as well as cheaper call rates to local, national and international numbers. Compared to their previous phone system, Lucion now save around £450 on their monthly phone bill.
  • Total versatility – Because of the many new features that a VoIP phone system brings, Lucion are now more versatile than ever. Employees can now simply take their office VoIP phone home and plug it in to their router if they need to work from home. Employees can also have their work calls diverted to a mobile while away from their desk so important calls are never missed.
  • 0845 and extension numbers – Lucion are now able to offer local call rates to customers nationwide by using 0845 numbers. Calls are also handled more effectively through the use of extension numbers and call groups which ensure that calls end up in the right place.
  • New features – Lucion now benefit from the many features of switching to VoIP including call routing, voice mail-to-email, call recording and many more.
  • Tidier phone system – After switching to VoIP, Lucion were able to get rid of their old bulky phone system freeing up space and making management of the system much simpler with much of it done through a web interface.


“Loud Mouth Phones offer an excellent service. Our new VoIP phone system has become an invaluable resource to Lucion giving us total versatility and huge cost savings. The team are a pleasure to deal with and are always on hand to provide us with support when needed.” – PATRICK MORTON – DIRECTOR, LUCION ENVIRONMENTAL