Case Study – Chartway Industrial Services

Chartway Industrial Services were using a hosted VoIP solution to run 10 handsets on a dedicated broadband connection.

The savings on their phone system were realised immediately, however, their enthusiasm wore off pretty quickly with their VoIP provider not supporting them or the system when the occasional software glitch surfaced.  Fed up with the lack of support they called us at Loud Mouth Phones.

As they had a Windows 2003 server on site Loud Mouth Phones suggested they move to 3CX and run it on their own server. 3CX provided all of the features of their existing supplier and more including Digital Receptionist, customised hold music and unlimited ring groups.

As they already had Snom VoIP handsets they did not need to purchase any new equipment. We transferred their phone numbers to our SIP trunk provider at no cost and within hours Chartway were using our system, supported by us and costing them less then the previous provider.

Chartway have been using 3CX since July 2010.

“We have been delighted with the service & support from Loud Mouth Phones since they took over running our VoIP system and I can honestly say it’s like using a normal phone system without the horrendous bills. When we have had an issue with anything Loud Mouth Phones have responded quickly and efficiently. I would recommend their VoIP system without hesitation.” –KAREN CLARK – SALES DIRECTOR AT CHARTWAY INDUSTRIAL SERVICES